Ore ga Burao Kachou Mamoru to Kimeta Hi kara Maruhadaka CH 4

Hey guys! sorry for the long wait for this release! We have been busy with our lives and didn’t have much time but we somehow got this done! Hope you guys enjoy this new release and as always feel free to express your thoughts~ PS: We’re still looking for more help! especially since we are … Continue reading Ore ga Burao Kachou Mamoru to Kimeta Hi kara Maruhadaka CH 4

Hey guys! It's been awhile and we have been busy but we finally gotten this finished this far. We're also happy to thank Noire Moon for providing raws and helping us with this joint project. We hope you guys enjoy this release and new series! As always please feel free to leave your comments. Summary: … Continue reading


Summary: “No or stop, you unexpectedly say cute things.” The beauty assistant Natsume is forced to do pair sales with his junior Sahashi. Sahashi, who doesn’t take Natsume or his work seriously, overtook him in sales and annoys Natsume as he’s trying to act as a good superior…once his act is discovered and he’s threatened … Continue reading COSMETIC PLAY LOVER

We’re Recruiting!

Hello guys! It’s been awhile but we’re in need of help for the following positions: JP to English Translator Chinese to English translator Cleaners Quality checkers this is what we’re currently looking at the moment and we also welcome free lance people too or groups who would like to work with us. Please email us … Continue reading We’re Recruiting!